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Ophelia Group is a Malaysian-owned company, specializes in providing healthcare solutions. The majority of the healthcare industries today focuses on critical illness, disease and viruses, which delivers through medication or sophisticated medical equipment.


As for the less severe cases can be efficiently dealt with through easy access medication in clinics and local pharmacies. In some cases, a simple diet plan may also be a possible solution.


However, there is one minor condition that we may often overlook, and when it becomes severe, it will be a little too late to resolve. The human body can go beyond and above our limits. However, muscle pain is a significant factor that limits us and is why it can be challenging to complete even the most straightforward daily task.


After years of research, Ophelia has finally developed a premium essential oil that uses only natural ingredients to promote intensive healing for muscle aches with incredible speed. With convenient carry size, it is suitable to use anywhere, anytime.


Ophelia group aims to further expand into enhancing health performances in the near future as we believe that Ophelia will always be protecting you and always be by your side. 







Struck with pain that frequently appears, nerves and muscle ache is something we often ignore. The most common causes of muscle pain are fatigue, lack of sleep or improper posture. Experts say that muscle pain is a sign of fatigue, lack of sleep or wrong posture.


However, not every daily task allows us to have the luxury of rest. Prolong ignorance towards the pain will be costly as long term accumulated damages will cause more harm than good.


We saw that these unspoken limitations might be one of the reasons that many of us are unable to reach our fullest capacity. There are many other solutions available, however, suppressing the pain was not our objective. Relentlessly refused to accept the situation, we believe that there are ways to overcome this matter. After years of dedication in research and development, Ophelia was born.


Ophelia is dedicated to offering practical products that are effective and convenient to improve our daily activity that goes beyond our limits.  Moreover, it does not only helps to reduce the pain but also promotes fast recovery. Now, you can be unstoppable with Ophelia by your side. 




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